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Bamboo Curtain Rods

Puja Lalwani Aug 20, 2019
The latest eco-friendly material on the block used for home decorating are bamboo curtain rods. Find out here, why you should use them and how you can easily make them on your own.
If you are one of those individuals who wants to go green and use eco-friendly materials for home decorating, then what better way to go than using bamboo curtain rods? Not only are these one of the most eco-friendly materials, they are affordable and extremely attractive as well.
This is because each bamboo rod is quite unique, and adds a nice tropical touch to any setting of your choice. There are so many benefits of using these rods, and there is no reason why you shouldn't incorporate them in your home decor. Here, we are talking about the varieties available, and how you can make these on your own.

Styles and Uses

Bamboo is a very resilient material; however, there are some limitations of using it. It will always do better in humid and tropical climates rather than dry climates. Bamboo rods are easily found online and may also be found in home decor stores. The beauty about them is their usage in natural form, or you could also stain them for a darker look.
Though a change of color will be prominent, a rod made of bamboo will retain its texture, thereby still making it stand out from the rest of those commercially produced curtain rods. Some stores sell designer ones with intricate brackets, and those stained in rich finishes to give your overall decor a classy and elegant appeal.
If you wish to, you can purchase plain bamboo rods yourself and paint and decorate them in a manner that is appealing to you. Some stores even sell faux ones, all of which are made of wood and given an appearance of a bamboo like rod.
However, the real eco-friendliness lies in using the original product. Most of these rods are completely dried before they are used. There are numerous sizes available in terms of the length as well as the diameter. You have to be very careful while checking the diameter as the curtain rings should appropriately fit through them.
Where you use these rods completely depends on your choice. It could be in a living room based on a tropical theme, or even as a shower curtain rod. As mentioned earlier, this simple rod in itself can add that much-needed jazz or appeal to your space without having to invest too much in it.
Use appropriate curtains to go with these them, depending on their color and style, and you will be able to give your room a makeover in a matter of minutes.

How to Make Bamboo Rods?

If you just can't find what you are looking for, you can make your own bamboo curtain rods and learn how to hang them in these very simple steps.
  • Depending on the availability, you may look for fresh or dried bamboo stalks. If you find the fresh variety, you will have to allow it to dry before you use it.
  • When you purchase a stalk, make sure it has thick walls so that it can take the weight of the curtains. The joints of the stalk should also be prominent.
  • Once it has dried, cut it according to the length you need. Use a saw to do so, preferably at its joints to avoid splitting.
  • Screw in brackets of the appropriate size at the location of the rod. Make sure that the diameter of the rod is appropriate for the bracket.
  • Before putting it up, you may treat it in any way you like. You may stain it, or paint any color of your choice over it to match the decor as well as the curtains you are going to use. Don't go way off track in terms of painting, else it will steal the natural element of the rod.
  • Fit the curtains on the rod and then put it up in the brackets.
So, if you don't find the bamboo rods you are looking for, you can easily make them yourself to match your taste. You may use antique fittings for darker colored rods, or lighter fittings if you are using them in their natural form. Use this eco-friendly material in your home decor, and see the difference it makes to the overall appearance of your room.