Why are Bamboo Cabinets for Kitchens Becoming a Popular Choice?

Aparna Jadhav May 6, 2019
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Among the various uses of bamboo, it is used to make stylish cabinets for rooms in the house. Read the post to understand their benefits and why you should consider them.
Before we start discussing bamboo cabinets, let's find out more about the raw material that is used in their production. The very well-known and popular plant of bamboo is a group of perennial plants, which belongs to the grass family.
There are various types of these plants: the giant bamboo or the Dendrocalamus, being the largest member (100 ft.) of the family, and the smallest is known as the dwarf one (4 inches).
The unique structure and features of this wonderful creation of nature are used in various ways like construction, decoration, in music, and in furniture. Bamboo furniture is very popular as it gives the house an exotic summer look.

Cabinets Made From These Plants

Bamboo is known to be one of the fastest growing plants in nature, and hence, when used as raw material, one can never fall short of it.
It has been long used in constructing bridges, sheds, and houses in regions like Asia, South America, etc. The wood of these plants is nothing but a hollow stem, since there is no secondary growth of wood and dicotyledonous woody xylem. Therefore, the wood is known to be strong, durable, and flexible in nature.
It can also be cut in planks and laminated into sheets, by a complicated process where the wood is worked on and then finished, thus providing flat surfaces for usage. One of the good uses of these processed planks and flat sheets is that they are used for making the cabinets.
They are made just like any other type; only the wood used is bamboo. However, the pricing can be slightly varied depending on personal choices.

Why to Go for Them?

There are many benefits, if you are thinking of giving a completely different look to your kitchens and bathrooms:
  • These cabinets are more affordable than the hardwood ones, which might have slight price elevations. They also look very attractive with any type of interiors, as the colors are usually light and neutral.
  • Bamboo is also known to be very eco-friendly and one of the most durable materials used in construction. However, nowadays, it is processed before it is used for building furniture and fences, or constructing a house.
  • As mentioned earlier, it grows very fast and can be harvested all through the year; therefore, it is a renewable source of raw material.
  • Besides this, it is known to be almost 50% harder than the oak and 2.5 times more stable than any other hardwood. Thus, choosing it to make cabinets is surely a great choice.

For Rooms

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are always the most impressive part of the respective furniture, as they include the maximum amount of visual appeal. Using bamboo kitchen cabinets can not only add a fresh, beautiful look to it but will also allow you to mix many other colors in the room, since these furniture pieces are very light colored.
The ones used in bedrooms and bathrooms are also great additions of design to their interiors.
They come in a few selected colors, which can be matched with the wall colors of these rooms and combined with some decorative accessories like countertops, vases, mugs, table lamps, etc. If you want to give your home a unique look, go for these stylish ones.
With these great ideas, pick a design and get these cabinets installed right away, so that you can enjoy a lovely looking home.