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Innovative Backsplash Tile Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni Dec 10, 2018
Backsplash tiles make up an integral part of every kitchen interior. Let's see some cool and classy backsplash tile ideas that you can implement in your kitchen.
A backsplash is the portion of the kitchen interior that extends above the sink and the countertop. It protects the kitchen walls from smoke, soot, and liquid spills. These backsplashes are available in different materials, colors, textures, and patterns.
With so many options available, selecting the appropriate backsplash tiles can seem a bit difficult. Although different materials are used in backsplash tiles, every material has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The ideal kitchen backsplash should be such that it is both functional as well as visually beautiful.
Let's take a look at different backsplash tile options and their respective features.

Tile Ideas for Kitchen Backsplash


Ceramic is the most popular material used for backsplash tiling. This is because, ceramic is water repellent, lightweight, durable, and acid and alkali resistant.
They are very economical and can be installed without any professional help; they require very less maintenance. Along with their utility, ceramic tiles also come in different colorful patterns and finishes. Thus, one can choose from a wide variety of options.
However, while using them as backsplash tiles, always ensure that they match the aesthetics of your kitchen interior. You can consult an interior decorator for suggestions, or choose according to your preference.


Glass tiles can be an ideal option for a more sophisticated or visually appealing backsplash. A glass-tiled backsplash would give your kitchen a more contemporary and classy look. Use glass panels, instead of tiles, to enhance the look of your kitchen.
Glass is no doubt water repellent, and the one meant for backsplashes is even stain resistant. Talking about aesthetics and design, the reflecting properties of glass increase the ambient light of the kitchen and make it look more spacey and bright.
To list a few cons, we can say; glass is always prone to shattering, even though the one used for this purpose is tempered. Secondly, glass tiles or panels are a bit pricey as compared to other materials.


If your interior has a stony and rustic look, a stone backsplash will complement the interiors brilliantly. Use tiles or segments made of vitreous stone or rock. They are water repellent and ideal for backsplashes. Stone tiling is extremely eco-friendly, natural, and cool.
Unfortunately, there are certain cons which we simply cannot overlook. Some stones are brittle, and can easily chip. Secondly, the iron sediments present in stones can rust over time and produce amber or bright red hues on the surface of the tiles. So, use them only if they really complement or enhance your kitchen decor.


Travertine tiles are made from the travertine deposits of certain minerals that are found in rivers and natural springs. The colors available in travertine tiles are usually shades of white and earthy tones (coral red, amber, mud brown, etc).
Apart from kitchen backsplashes, travertine has been used for various other tiling purposes like patios, countertops, fireplace surrounds, etc.
Travertine tiles come in various patterns and textures, which include, brushed, tumbled, polished, matte, etc. These tiles, being porous in nature, absorb liquid within no time. However, these tiles are susceptible to staining and dirt accumulation, hence require frequent cleaning and maintenance.
Also, they are prone to scratch marks and abrasion, and can erode on contact with certain chemicals. Hence, appropriate care is needed to maintain the look and feel of these tiles.


Marble, too, is a very good material for backsplash tiling, but can be a bit expensive than others. It is water repellent, heat resistant, and requires very little maintenance. It is also naturally resistant to bacteria and allergens, thus leading to better hygiene.
Although marble has a lot of advantages and it also looks good, one shouldn't overlook a few of its disadvantages. Marble, as mentioned earlier, can be expensive, and is very heavy too. Also, professional help is required for installation. Moreover, any spills or stains need to be cleaned quickly to avoid permanent staining.
These were some of the popular tiling materials use for a backsplash. Choose the one that fits your budget, and suits your needs.