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Unisex Baby Room Ideas

Unisex Baby Room Ideas
Going for a unisex baby room is the safest bet when you don't know the gender of the soon to be born baby. Read this piece for some ideas on the same.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2019
So, you're soon going to be proud parents of a little bundle of joy. But you've decided not to know the gender of the baby. But that need not stop you from preparing the baby nursery for the little one. You can go in for a unisex decorating idea that is totally neutral, so you won't feel silly about the decoration when the baby finally arrives.
In this piece, we have for you some ideas that you can consider so that your baby's room can be fun and cheerful.
Chocolate and Milk
As the name suggests, this idea is about chocolate and milk. Paint two opposite walls of the room cream and the other two opposite walls in a deep chocolate brown color.
Then, on the cream walls paint some brown chocolates using the same brown shade of the other walls and on the brown walls, paint bottles of milk using the same cream paint. Get furniture in matching colors too.
Fantasy Land
baby room
Another very neutral idea when it comes to ideas for kids' rooms is creating a fantasy land. Every kid loves fantasies, so this is a guaranteed success.
Have the walls painted with different mythical creatures. Or have a mystical kingdom depicted on the walls, with its gates being the door of the room. Draw and paint an entire new species of playful creatures, that no one has ever seen. Use dark and light pastel shades for this idea and use a little silver and gold to add a dash of sparkle!
Baby's Room
At the window of the room, draw the outline of a huge sun, with its rays reaching out from the window. The colors that you'll need for this idea are the basic sun colors, yellow, orange, golden, deep red, etc.
The idea is to depict a sunrise, so it would be great to refer to a picture of a lovely sunrise. Paint all the walls of the room in shades of yellow, orange and golden, and the sun in a mixture of all the colors.
This is a simple, fun, and cheerful idea for kids' room d├ęcor. Choose one bright color, like red or blue or purple, and paint all the walls of the room with it. Then, choose four or five other bright colors and simply draw huge dots on all the walls.
You can also try using one color for the outline of the dots and another for the inside. Whichever way you decide, the final result should be a beaming, vibrant, and inviting kids' room!
There are many more ideas that you can try out. All you need is a vivid imagination and some really good artists to help you transform the dream nursery into a reality. So, use any idea and get ready to welcome your little one into a new world in style!