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5 Awesome Purple Bedroom Ideas

5 Awesome Purple Bedroom Ideas
To make a bedroom chic and stunning, you can decorate it with various hues of purple. Along with 5 awesome purple bedroom ideas, this article gives you additional tips to use furniture, lighting fixtures, and other small elements to decorate with.
Sheetal Mandora
Instead of decorating the entire bedroom with a variety of purple hues, incorporate elements from a different color family such as gray, dark green, silver, beige, or even ivory.
The bedroom is considered to be the most important room in the house. So, the homely ambiance you create for this room cannot be overstated. You not only should feel relaxed and comfortable here, but it also needs to transform into a multi-functional room. Keeping that in mind, the choice of color scheme will determine whether or not it was accomplished.

Known to be versatile, vibrant, and luxurious, purple is a color that made its way into the favored colors by interior decorators and designers. From the bright, bold hues to the soft, sweet pastels, we are going to show you how you can integrate purple in your bedroom.
Purple Bedroom Décor Ideas
As you browse through the following gallery, you will observe that more than one aspect of the rooms have been decorated with purple. However, the shades vary drastically from one element to another. Regardless of the hue you choose, it is important not  to let it overpower the décor.
5 Ways to Decorate your Bedroom
Depending on the space available, different shades of purple should be administered. It is essential that you keep this small, yet crucial tip in mind while picking the hues. If you are working with limited space, it is wise to use lilac or lavender. This will help make your room appear bigger, and of course, cozy. On the other hand, if you can't do without a healthy splash of big, bold colors, don't hesitate to do so. A deep, urban glam look (image #3) is exactly what we're talking about; it's modern, and very much in style right now.
Vibrant Purple Bedroom Accessories
If you're not looking to transform the entire bedroom, you can implement a few elements in shades of purple. From curtains to cushions, and lamps to bedspreads, we have a few tips to share with you.
For a pop of color, chairs make a brilliant and inexpensive decorative investment. With so many unique designs, shapes, and sizes available, you'll be spoiled for choice. Apart from choices we've given above, other purple bedroom furniture can also be included―ottoman, bean bag, side table, and shelves. And while you're including the furniture, make sure that you don't go overboard.
Comforter Sets
Another great way to include the color in your bedroom is with purple comforter sets. You can visit a local home goods retailer, or shop online to avail excellent deals. With a wide variety of designs, patterns, colors, and fabric selection, you can find the perfect set for the bed. For a small room, don't pick a diminutive design; try large-scale designs that will make the bed look less busy. 
Curtains and Throw Pillows
Captivating curtains is what gives a bedroom a perfect finishing touch. Although many people choose curtains as a final decorative element, it can become a focal point of your bedroom. And accompanying those gorgeous, statement-making curtains are the throw pillows for your bed. The shape, size, fabric, trim, color, and design of these pillows should be carefully selected. Choose clashing prints in a variety of hues that will complement one another, and give the room an elegant appeal.
Light Fixtures
According to the space available, choose the lighting fixtures not just for their decorative purpose, but for their functionality as well. Where pendant lights work well for a dedicated area, such as a work table, table lamps and floor lamps are key sources of light. Plus, the lamps provide the right amount of light required for a bedroom.
Don't get overzealous with wall color. Bright shades of purple may look good in magazines or in movies, but can be distracting in real life. It creates an unnecessary visual tension for your eyes. The bedroom should make you feel stimulated; not cringe every time you lay eyes on it. So, instead of finalizing paint colors in the store, ask for a few samples to try on your bedroom walls.
While including elements in your bedroom, make sure that you don't purchase the entire matching set such as couch, loveseat, chair, table, ottoman, or lamps. Always try to mix and match hues and patterns so that the room doesn't look overabundant. Select hues that complement one another, and give your room a serene ambiance.