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Totally Resplendent and Awesome Pendant Lighting Ideas

Awesome Pendant Lighting Ideas
Lights, they're everywhere and there's so much to know about how to use them appropriately in your home, isn't it? Well, here's how you can know exactly how to bring your home alive with some simple, yet dazzling pendant lighting ideas.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Nov 22, 2018
Task, Ambient, or Accent?
Put your pendant lamps on dimmers and get all types of lighting, i.e., task, ambient, and accent, from that one fixture.
From simple paper lanterns to elaborate caged designs, pendant lights can turn around the look of a room in a jiffy. And they are not to be dismissed as lights just for the kitchen island. Place them anywhere and they will weave their magic, and you will know this only when you attempt to break out of the 'pendant-lights-are-only-for-kitchen-islands' mold.
How do you think they can work? Where can you introduce pendant lighting to give your room the dash of style, the finishing touch, that one little thing that is missing? Let's take a look at some of the awesome ideas!
Before Hanging Pendant Lamps ...
Consider the purpose of the light. If it is going to be used as task lighting, opt for a simpler fixture. If it is going to be used solely for decorative purposes, knock yourself out.
Consider the height of the light. When placed above a table or counter, it should be at least 30" above the surface. Else, it should end at 7' from the floor. When placing for decorative purposes, as long as it does not impede movement, the height of the light can be anything you wish it to be.
Easily Implementable Pendant Lighting Ideas
Group of descending pendant lights from a tall ceiling
In a room with a tall ceiling, use a group of descending pendant lights to reduce the visual height of the room.
Fringe pendant lights for an Oriental look
Want a dash of the Oriental without altering the entire look of the room? Opt for bright fringe pendant lights and quietly watch the transformation your room undergoes.
Group of oversized pendant lights above dining table
If you are a big fan of the oversized trend, use not one, not two, but three oversized pendant lamps over your dining table, and you won't need to decorate the rest of your space.
Chrome finish pendant lights matched with kitchen island surface
Match the finish of your pendant lights with that of the surface it is showcasing to create uniformity in a given space.
If you feel like spending more time in a room (your study/home office), brighten it up with a sparkling pendant light. You'll want to go back there all the time.
Ceramic, chrome, wrought iron, all look great, but fabric-covered pendant lights exude a charm that none others can. Use them in a slightly traditional decor scheme.
Funky pendant light in seating area outdoors
Why should gorgeous pendant lights be relegated to the indoors? Bring them out in a covered seating area, and add a dash of spunk to the outdoors with a quirky design.
Arabian-themed bedroom with lovely pendant lights
This Arabian-themed bedroom deserves those lovely pendant lights by the bedside. When the recessed lights behind are not needed for mood, the pendants become functional to serve as reading lights
Vintage pendant lights in bathroom
A bathroom as opulent as this can afford a group of traditionally-designed, gorgeous pendant lights.
Minimalistic pendant light above bathtub
And even if you don't have a luxurious bathroom you can up its decor quotient by hanging a simple, minimalistic pendant light right above the bathtub. Who said opulence demands exaggeration?
Rectangular pendant light above wash basin in bathroom
Keeping it simple by merely hanging a gigantic pendant above the wash basin instead of wall lights or any other light fixtures. If your bathroom is small, this one fixture will solve all your lighting needs.
Caged pendant light above kitchen island
And that's all a quiet kitchen needs. A burst of quirk from a caged, oddly-placed pendant light.
Candle pendant light above kitchen island
Because really, the pendant lights do look best above a kitchen island. But this time, they're here with a twist. Out with the regular pendants and in with candle pendants that add a rustic, vintage charm to even the most modern space.
Pendant light in sitting area
Liven up a lonely seating area with a giant pendant lamp, and no one will be lonely there no more.
Chandelier pendant above dining table
Throw uniformity out of the window by introducing pendant lights of different shapes in the same space.
Long and quirky pendant light above dining table
A long pendant light for a long dining table. Need I say more?
Tiny globe pendant lights above kitchen island
Everything in this simplistic kitchen is vertical, and those tiny pendant lights add to this illusion of height perfectly.
Tiny globe pendant lights above kitchen counter
Everyone uses pendant lights over kitchen islands, be different and use them above the standard kitchen counter.
Vintage pendant lights
Instead of engaging in the futile attempt to cover up the transition of a sloping ceiling to a flat one, highlight it by hanging a group of exquisite pendant lights at that very spot.
Group of oversized pendant lights
They're in a passage and they are the focal point here! Nothing to highlight, nothing to showcase. All they have to do is, be themselves!
Pendant lights over kitchen island
While these magnificent lights stand out by virtue of their color, just look at that shape! Eye-catching all the way!
And this is not all. There is SO much variety available with pendant lamps that you WILL be spoiled for choice. Add to that the DIY craze! You'll want it all, but use your aesthetic sense and this guide to tell you how to get the best of these beauties with minimal effort.