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Attic Ideas

Mamta Mule Jan 23, 2019
If you are planning to convert the attic area in your house into some usable space, you need to take care of certain aspects. Here are some classic ideas to help you decorate this area in the best possible way.
Attic is an often ignored area, utilized commonly for storage. This is the place where you dump the old furniture, useless appliances, and broken items in your house. Well, that might be definitely saving a lot of space in your living room, bedrooms, and kitchen area, right?
But, have you ever thought about having an extra room in your house that might help you have more organized storage area, resting space, or even having a designated area for games, music, entertainment, or relaxation. Read on to get some amazing attic ideas.


Whatever is the way you reach the attic at the moment, consider having a better and comfortable way to climb up. If you are short of floor space, one of the ideas is to have foldable stairs that will fold sideways.
Another idea is to install those that will fold up at the ceiling. If you are planning to have a master bedroom or game room, it is best to have fixed stairs of good quality installed to reach comfortably up to the attic.


The first thing you need to consider while you plan to create a usable space is ventilation. Having perfect ventilation can also add up to the attic decor. There are some amazing ways of adding windows to this area. Two things you need to consider are natural light and air.
As this place is at a higher level, you have the advantage of getting these elements easily, provided that you make the right arrangements to bring them in. Attics often have sloping roofs, making it difficult to plan side windows. If the roof is meeting the floor or just above it, consider having the classy dormers, which are extended windows.
If the roof ends four or five feet above the floor, you can have small glass windows in this wall. One of the most amazing ideas is to have skylights. These will lighten up the room and give a striking touch to this dull area. Place your bed below this and give a lavish feel to the room.


Utilizing the attic area for storage is something that you cannot miss out. But, those uneven walls and corners are tricky to work upon. You can have closed cabinets to use such spaces. One of the ideas is to have horizontal shelves and doors to cover them; forget about the backside of these cabinets as there is already a wall behind them.
This way, you also save up some money, and it becomes easier to work on uneven surfaces. Make sure that the storage is not too wide. These rooms do not have much height and so, the cabinets might sometimes leave less space below for someone to stand there.
In this case, place some low stools or chairs there. You can also plan to have a low study table here, with some drawers for added storage.

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More Ideas

Once you have worked on the basics, it's time to decorate the wonderful attic space. Firstly, consider having blinds for the windows. For skylights, you can have many options of shades that can be closed to block the light, and opened to have the perfect night view or natural light.
Next, install interior lighting as well to illuminate it nicely; use decorative lamps and chandelier lighting for this purpose. Placing tall and narrow sculptures is a great idea to add height to the area. Paint the walls in white, off-white, or beige to create a spacious look.
Having a comfy bed in case you are converting the attic into a bedroom needs no mention. The previously mentioned storage can be used to store the necessary items. If you are converting this room into a place for entertainment, consider having the needed things such as musical instruments for music room or games, and needed furniture for the game room.
Making it a relaxing area is a brilliant idea. Have a lovely recliner, candles, and perfume bottles placed here. Also, having a large bathtub or a mini pool with right drainage systems installed here is a good option. Well, this essentially needs to be done by a reputed professional.
Have the necessary towels, toiletries, bath salts, fragrances, and essential oils near the tub or pool. Attics can indeed work as the best relaxation areas due to their cozy feel. You can add up shower stalls and basin, as well.
Thus, add up your ideas and explore the various home improvement elements that can fit in well to convert this area into a luxurious room.