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Atrium Windows Reviews

Atrium Windows Reviews

Looking for the Atrium Windows reviews? Then you have come to the right place. The following article is all about the company Atrium Windows and Doors and their many add-on options for your home...
Rutuja Jathar
Windows are an indispensable part of a house and hence it also gets special attention in every home improvement project. In the same context, you must have also come across the name of the company Atrium Window and Doors, who cater to one's home needs. Atrium Windows or Atrium Companies Inc. is North America's largest windows and doors manufacturing company. The Atrium Windows and Doors company was established in the Rural Hall of North Carolina, in the year 1948. Initially it was named as The Aluminum Products Company since it manufactured aluminum storm products. Later on, its name was changed to Ellson Windows and Doors, while in the year 2000, the company acquired its current name.

Atrium Windows and Doors

Atrium Windows and Doors is North America's largest window manufacturing company that provides aluminum windows, vinyl windows, home-improvement centers, patio doors, and lumber yards. The designs are made to fit your personal taste, while also combining outside elements with those in your home to make it a complete creation. These windows come with double or triple paned forms that provide optimum air insulation.

They are energy-efficient and sealed with prevent drafts that make them durable. These windows also come with quality guaranteed seals like - U Factor, R factor and SHGC that show the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient abilities of the windows. You can easily recognize these windows as they come with the trademark of the company "Atrium and Wing". Atrium Windows products are certified by the recognized building material which are certified by companies like The American Architectural Manufacturer's Association (AAMA), National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAM) and National Wood Window and Door Association (NWWDA).

What Does Atrium Windows and Doors Provide?

There are numerous features that the Atrium Windows and Doors provide, that make them a popular part of one's choice of home decor. You get a large selection of atrium windows of aluminum and vinyl in both standard and custom-made sizes. Other designs include single hung and double hung windows, slider windows, casement windows, bay windows, awning windows, bow windows, garden windows and many more.

The official website of Atrium Windows and Doors serves as a great guide for those who want to narrow down their choices, while browsing through the options available by the company. All your needs are housed within its massive array of selections, making it easy to pick and choice from a variety of styles that best suits your needs. It also comes with a helpful FAQs section, with a glossary of words you need to familiarize yourself with should you get confused by the many terms. Be sure to check it out to make your experience with the company, a breeze.

You'll also find options for patio doors, like the side hinted patio doors, sliding patio doors and the entry doors. This company is popular for its motto of providing only the finest in eco-friendly furniture. The vinyl which is used for making these windows and doors is recycled and lead free. They are available for both residential and business constructions at a relatively affordable price. These windows come with an inward tilt, and optional girds in between the glass panes. Cleaning these too won't be a problem, since ease of maintenance is another key area they pay attention to. Plus, the special composition of these windows keeps them warm during winters and cool during the summer season, with its unique insulation features.

Due to their large commercial recognition and eco-friendly features, these windows are one of the most popular window treatment options in North America. There are mixed reviews about Atrium Windows and Doors, which means for some people these windows are pretty much the same as the manufacturers claim them to be. While, some customers are not satisfied with the make of these, in terms of durability. Customers have complained that upon installation, these windows do not serve reliable in the long haul, with evident damage. Some customers complained that the grid patterns, and other features of these windows are totally uneven. After a few days of their installation, the windows become crooked, with dented frames, with obvious peeling and cracked corners, tempered glass peeling and black smudging all across the window frames.

However, Atrium Windows and Doors provide its customers a transferable and limited life Atrium Windows warranty. Hence, any kind of problems that you come across with their products after inspection, is something that occurred because of its quality, and can be immediately taken care of pronto without the involvement of any fees.
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