Asian Inspired Furniture Ideas

Pragya T Dec 13, 2018
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Here are some useful tips to decorate your house with beautiful Asian inspired furniture, to create a natural and balanced interior.
It is not necessary to buy an expensive set of furniture items, or hire an interior decorator to get an Asian inspired look. All you need to do is check that the furniture blends nicely with the wall colors, and with each other, and you can create a colorful or a sober Asian look.
There are basically two types of furniture themes you can go with; you can create an Indian inspired furniture look, which is great if you are a person who likes an interesting colorful interior, or you can create a sober interior using Japanese inspired furniture, to create a peaceful and Zen-like interior. Let us look at these two styles in detail.

Japanese Inspired Furniture

Japanese inspired furniture is mostly rich shiny black lacquer work, decorated with intricate designs in green, red, golden, or pink. Most of the furniture is low to the ground and made of wood.
For your bedroom furniture, select contemporary platform beds. You can accompany matching furniture to the bed, like two side tables, nightstands, and dressers.
Select designs which have elegant lines, and accompany them with the right bedding, like mattress covered in whites or off-white sheets, with pillows and bed covers that are a deep shade of red, green, or yellow. Add a few accents like houseplants, Japanese lamps, earthen pots, etc.
For the dining room, select an elegant and simple design set. The table can be rectangular, and the chairs can be wooden with a backrest and leather seats; with the armrest or without the armrest. Add accents like a vase containing a dry flowers, or an intricately painted empty pot. Or hang a soft illuminating lamp.
For the living room furniture instead of going for a complete floor seating arrangement, mix and match with few low platform chairs and a low table, a futon, and a few pillows on the ground. Again, place a few accents in the living room, like a Buddha statue, bamboo houseplant, light fixtures, vases, etc.

Indian Inspired Furniture

To decorate your house with Indian inspired furniture, you will need to accentuate the interior with a lot of vibrant color. For the furniture, select dark exotic woods or woods which appear exotic. Some options include mahogany, teak, ebony, and rosewood.
Make sure you select items which have a few intricate carvings on them, that can also be painted in beautiful colors.
Select a bed which has a low platform and carved designs on it. Use bedding which has soft colors with Indian designs on them. Accompany the bed with matching furniture like side tables and dressers, and add a few accents like lamps and vases.
The sitting area in the living room can be created using a low table, and accompanied with rugs and pillows. You can add a hookah as an accent, and keep a few bronze antic pieces to decorate the room.
The rest of the furniture, like the cupboards and sofas, can be of simple designs, but make sure they are made of exotic-looking wood.
These were a few tips to help you create a modern Asian inspired decor. So, decorate your home with the above ideas, and create a peaceful and elegant looking home decor that is inspired by Japan, or a vibrant and colorful one inspired by India.
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