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Arch Window Treatments

Mamta Mule Jan 6, 2019
Arch windows add a unique style element to your house. Arch window treatments, when done in the right way can play up the appearance of the entire area around it. Here are a few ideas on the same.
Arch windows add a unique charm to your house. These add a different touch to your regular windows. There are several options when it comes to arch window treatments. One can do a lot in the basic design of arched windows―right from the type of arch, to its designing.
While you may think that finding the perfect window covering is a tough task as compared to regular windows, the arch gives you some added options and scope to implement your ideas.


Curtains are one of the best options that you can go for as far as arched windows are concerned.
Long curtains with vertical designs or patterns help in adding height to the room. Get an arched window rod of a color that matches the wall color and add the curtains. Opt for long curtains that can be tied in place using rope tiebacks, giving a deep stylish look to the arch. Pick a sheer or thick fabric, depending on the sunlight illuminating the room.
Curtains work especially well for semi-circle or eyebrow arch windows. The choice of design, style, and type of fabric is definitely not restricted. Pick something that goes well with the rest of the furnishings in the room. Hang the curtains starting from a few inches below the arch border, leaving some of its part open.


Window blinds are also a popular choice for dressing up these windows. For those windows, wherein the arch is separated from the rest of the square or rectangular window frame, blinds work really well. Basically, you can have separate blinds for the arch and for the lower window.
Also, in case the arch is extremely attractive or architecturally appealing, just leave it open and add blinds to the lower part. Make sure that the blinds match the color of the arch. This can be done if there are no privacy issues and you can keep the arch open. This will also help natural light to filter in and lead to abundant ventilation.
Choose from blackout blinds, faux wood blinds, and many other custom blinds. Custom window coverings are one of the best options as these will ensure perfect fitting and help bring about the desired look to your windows.

Swag Valances

It is a great option to be looked into to add to your window. Hang a swag from the top curve of the window and add a chic touch to the window frame.
You can use contrast colors to play up the window. Like, for a white-colored window, using a red-colored swag is sure to enhance its look.
Do not add curtains, drapes, or blinds to the window, instead, let that glass window be simply graced with the valance and its layered ends. These can be arranged till the middle of the window's height. In case privacy is a concern, use a delicate, light-colored, sheer fabric curtain to cover the glass panel.
These were some ideas on enhancing the look of these beautiful windows. Make sure you pick the right colors and fabric or the right blind material and style to suit your requirements. Add your creativity and ideas with the ones mentioned here and rightly highlight this lovely window type.