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Apartment Decorating Ideas

Pragya T Dec 11, 2018
You can opt for different apartment decorating ideas that suit your taste and give your home decor a personal touch as well. Read on to know more about the different schemes and ideas to decorate your apartment.
Experimenting with different ideas while decorating your apartment can be fun, and the result will give you immense satisfaction. You can either choose a theme and decorate your apartment, which will also match your style and taste, or you can go for a scheme which will give an illusion of space even if your apartment is small.
If both these options don't strike your fancy, then you can even collect stuff from a flea market, and create a totally unique but cool look.

For a Feminine Look

When you want to decorate an apartment for girls, opt for shades of pink as the wall color. You can add accents of pink to your wall trims, or paint a wall white with thick vertical thick stripes in pink.
Other options include yellow, purple, green, orange, etc. You can also go for light shades of these colors and paint your rooms. You can also experiment with ideas like the striped effect, or get a wall textured, or rubber stamp one wall with multi-color flowers and leave the rest of the three walls white.
Use bed sheets with nice designs, pretty color lamps, vases, and curtains to decorate your apartment. For additional lights, you can opt for Chinese paper lamps. You can try some DIY project like canvas art ideas, and hang them on the walls. You can always have some extra space in your apartment and keep adding stuff as and when you find them!

For a Masculine Look

For a masculine look, colors like brown, gray, or shades of blue are the best colors for the walls. You can also experiment and paint the living room walls in a light shade of gray, and hang your LCD TV on one wall.
Paint the wall opposite the TV completely black, and then paint large blobs of fluorescent paint color to give a twist to your living room decor. Go for sleek modern furniture for an elegant twist. Mix some black leather furniture with steel decorating items, and you will have an ultra-cool and modern-looking apartment.

Funky Apartment

Go for a funky theme if you appreciate color, and don't mind the apartment looking something out of the 70s. Use bright colors like, green, red, purple, and yellow.
Ideas like white polka dots on a purple wall, flower rubber stamps on the walls, striped walls, etc., will also help in giving a funky look to your apartment. You can opt for some painting which glows in black light, and keep some fluorescent stuff around to create a funky night theme which will glow when the lights in the apartment are off.
Add weird or modern-shaped furniture, maybe a water bed if it's comfortable, floor-sitting in your living room, and a hookah to add more to the effect.

Family Apartment

For a family apartment you will need to consider each individual and will have to paint the individual rooms accordingly. Rooms where everybody visits, like the living room and kitchen, can be painted in any color you like.
For the living room you can go for off-white walls, with cherry or brown shades of furniture, a black LED TV, a big leather couch in a dark shade (because they make everything look cooler), and accompanying chairs. Go for black appliances and steel furniture for kitchen decorating, and paint it in lavender color, for a modern kitchen look.

Small-sized But Bigger Looking Apartment

If you have a small apartment, then create an illusion of more space by adding bright lighting and using shades close to white such as light gray, off-white, and yellow.
Bathrooms and bedrooms are spaces which should not be overdecorated. Don't use bright-colored items or wall colors for this space. You can use a light color and a few of your personal favorite items to decorate your bedroom, but for bathrooms go for white or off-white, and keep things uncluttered.
To decorate your bathroom, use a small indoor plant like a lucky bamboo, some hanging wooden shelves to store your lotions and soaps, and hang a nice lamp to make your apartment bathroom look bigger.
Even if you are not following a particular theme, make sure you put only the decorative items which match other furnishings or wall colors. Also, make sure that transition from one room to another is smooth.