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Antique Window Glass

Antique Window Glass
Antique window glass can make your home look like something out of a classic novel or movie. Read on to know more about this glass.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018
When it comes to home decorating, why is it that we go in for the best furniture, the best paints and wallpapers, the best decorative items, but settle for simple looking windows? Doesn't it seem unfair? Well, here's an idea that can help you give your home a regal look.
Antique window glass! Yes, that's right! Go for a classic window glass idea, that will totally transform the look and feel of your home. Read on to know more about it.
Antique Glass
Antique glass, if you go by the literal meaning, should be hand- or mouth-blown glass. This glass was made in two ways: one, blown into sheets, and the other, blown into cylinders. However, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, there has been a rapid and favorable change in the glass blowing techniques.
What was earlier blown by mouth, is now blown with the help of machines. The glass made today is smoother, stronger, and definitely more durable than the glass that was made in the yesteryears. Although some may argue that it does not have the same 'feel' as the glass made earlier, that's something they're just going to have to make their peace with.
Many glass-making companies strive to replicate the same look and feel, and quite a few succeed too. But in the end, we know that even though authentic antique glass is weaker than the ones we get today, we'd prefer to have it because it will make us the owner of something that was part of a rich history.
Antique Glass for Windows
Antique window glass is basically stained glass that has been used for windows. Of course, the thickness may vary from contemporary glass that is manufactured today, but the effect will be breathtaking. Read on for some ideas on how you can incorporate this glass into your windows.
Antique Stained Glass in Sanctuary
This is one of the classic forms that you will find antique window glass in. Honestly, nothing does stained glass more justice than a beautiful floral design on it. It could be a cluster of flowers or a vine with small flowers on it. The final effect is simply beautiful.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
A religious stained glass window is a perfect option for a church window or even one for your home if you like it.
You can have any of your religious symbols on it and it will add to the grandeur and religious sentiment in your home.
Antique Stained Glass
Another very creative way of using antique glass is to have a symmetrical design drawn on it. The design may or may not mean anything but see to it that the symmetry is perfect. Have a variety of colors to add to the beauty of this design!
Old windows
Sometimes, the best way to make something look beautiful is to leave it untouched.
If your antique glass is plain and without any design on it, just leave it be. Just use some fancy curtains to spiffy up your window. Have an ornately carved handle if you wish, but leave the glass alone.
Window Frame
Another brilliant idea is to go in for antique window glass that has mosaic designs and patterns on it.
One form of art that can truly take anyone's breath away is mosaic. So, if you're looking for a bright and splendid change, choose a glass with some mosaic on it.
Remember, just because it's called antique window glass does not mean it's really antique. It's just an effort to recreate the elegance and magnificence of the age-old glass. Nevertheless, it's definitely one of the best options to go for.