How to Make a Kitchen Cabinet Look Antique

Shah Newaz Alam Dec 1, 2018
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Giving the kitchen an antique and rustic look is easy. You need to have an eye for design, patience and the right tools to accomplish this task. Here are some tips on how to get that antique look to kitchen cabinets in simple and easy steps.
A wise choice of colors and varnishes is what you need to age kitchen cabinets. Thus making the kitchen cabinet hardware look antique becomes simple, without a need to buy any antique cabinets. You simply make a few changes that are definitely economical. Antique kitchen cabinets do not demand a lot.
You do not need to make any changes to your kitchen cabinets, door knobs, or even the kitchen cabinet hinges. However, the look that you are planning to give to your kitchen, should compliment the appearance of the remaining house.
If your kitchen hardware primarily consists of wood work, then scrap the wood using a sandpaper to remove any stains on your hardware. Scrapping is also necessary to remove unwanted wood particles from your kitchen cabinets.
However, if you have painted your kitchen cabinets recently, do not proceed with this process. Instead, remove all the drawers from your cabinets and clean and scrap them. Follow the same procedure for your kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs.
If your kitchen cabinets are light colored, you can apply a glaze color to darken them. This can be done through the process of staining. Apply a certain amount of glaze color on a limited area of the kitchen and start rubbing it using a wipe or sponge, until you get the desired color on that portion of your wood work.
Once you are done with that particular area, color the remaining portions using the same process. Take care, that the entire cabinet has the same uniform color. One very important factor is that you need to choose a proper color. For antique kitchen cabinets, you should use metallic colors.
An acrylic water based glaze is the best option for an already painted kitchen cabinet. If your cabinet has not been painted in recent times, then you can choose an oil based glaze, instead of the water based one. Crackle painting and faux painting are among the other options that you can use to give your kitchen an antique look.
For crackle painting your kitchen cabinets, you need two colors of latex paint and a crackle glaze. Apply the base color to your kitchen cabinets after they have been cleaned thoroughly and allow it to dry. A thick coat of crackle paint is then applied on the base color. The top color is finally applied on the crackle paint.
To faux paint your kitchen cabinets, you will require at least two colors, a crackle paint and a tinted painter's wax. Apply a base color to your cabinets first and then apply a layer of tinted painter's wax. You can now apply another layer of color to the same surface and cover it with another layer of tinted painter's wax.
Finally apply the crackling paint over the surface. After this final layer of paint dries, simply brush the surface using a sandpaper to remove any irregularities in the surface.
If money is not a constraint, then perhaps you can make a few changes to the kitchen hardware also. To antique the hardware, you can use metallic knobs and handles. The hinges are another option, which you can change following a few simple steps, to add to the antique look of your kitchen cabinets.
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