Information about Antique Brass Drawer Pulls

Puja Lalwani Dec 23, 2018
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Antique brass drawer pulls have an unparalleled, beautiful, and an old-world charm. To maintain this charm and keep them looking gorgeous, here are some tips on cleaning and maintaining them.
The beauty of antique furniture cannot be matched by any other piece of modern or contemporary furniture. The vintage look, the classy and rich appeal, the unique style, etc., are all so pleasing to the eyes.
Imagine a chest of drawers that has been passed on from generation to generation in all its beauty, with the most beautiful pulls. It's something you want to treasure all your life and keep the tradition alive by passing it on to the next generation, especially if you are a fan of antiques.
To do so, you have to maintain the furniture, and all its little details like the hardware, so that it remains beautiful. Also, there may be times when some of the drawer pulls are missing and if you are not able to find the right one, you may have to replace the entire set.

How to Choose them?

They are immense in variety and you are bound to be spoiled for choice when you head out selecting them. From gorgeous floral patterns to raging lions, from simple vintage patterns to those shaped like a frog, the options are simply maddening.
Usually, your choice will depend on the furniture you are using, and its location. For instance, if you have a chest of drawers in a room designed on rustic lines, then something vintage will look classy.
On the other hand, if you want the cabinet to be the center of attention in a room that has nothing to do with antiques, the choice can really be yours. Just ensure you don't choose something that will have it stick out like a sore thumb.
It ultimately depends upon you. It is not necessary to have an exceptional knowledge or taste while choosing them. It is only a matter of personal taste that will help you choose the right type for your cabinet. You may choose from the variety available online, or from a premium hardware store. Quality does matter, as does aesthetic appeal.

How to Clean them?

Even if you don't own a aforementioned family heirloom, simply having a piece of antique furniture in your home is refreshing. Since people find these brass drawer pulls so difficult to maintain, they opt for stainless steel that relatively requires less or no maintenance. This however, is no reason to keep yourself away from the beauty of antiques.
Antique brass drawer pulls are easy to maintain and all you require is regular cleaning with some household items. While looking rich and elegant, they also fulfill their function. Here's the process to clean them.
► The issue with brass is that, it is likely to tarnish easily and lose its actual charm. To care for it, use a small amount of oil such as olive or linseed oil (a few drops on a clean cloth) to protect them from tarnishing. Doing this on a regular basis will help keep them looking as good as new.
► Apart from this, use a mild ammonia or a vinegar solution (80% : 20%) with a sponge. Remember to clean it dry after you have used the solution. Apply a coat of the aforementioned oil to prevent the pulls from discoloring.
► Avoid using furniture polish when considering polishing brass, as it is not as effective as natural oils in maintaining the furniture.
► In some cases, when they are in very bad condition, cleaning after unscrewing them is a good idea. This will help you remove the grime that gets collected on the edges, and will allow for a thorough cleaning procedure.
► If you are cleaning the pulls after unscrewing them, soak them in a solution of commercial brass cleaner such as Brasso and mild ammonia for about 15-20 minutes. Wash off the solution and buff them with some oil, with a clean and dry cloth.
► Another way to use Brasso for polishing is to simply pour it on the drawer pulls and use fine steel wool to clean them. Follow this by buffing with any oil.
► Every once in a while, giving them a lacquer polish is a great way to retain their shine and elegance. This however should be done only after all the old lacquer has been removed and in the absence of any fingerprints on them. Since they are small, it may be slightly difficult to do this on your own. In this case, it may be wise to get professional help.
► If they are very old and dirty, first soak them in a very simple brass cleaning solution, made of hot water and any soap. Then use some olive or linseed oil with a clean, dry cloth.
The mentioned cleaners are easy to make and they can be used to revive and maintain the elegant charm of your antique brass drawer pulls.
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