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Aluminum Window Replacement

Aluminum Window Replacement
Replacing the old aluminum windows is an easy task, provided you have the right tools and the correct instructions to go along with it. Read on to find out how exactly to get this task completely.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019
Older houses generally have single pane aluminum windows installed. There is a single pane of glass which tend to be less energy efficient as compared to other windows. The new window would normally include two replacement panes that are divided with a layer of insulator.
Once you decide how many windows need to be replaced, perhaps you have only one aluminum window replacement or more than one, you can go about getting the estimate of the entire project. Also, it helps manage time as you don't want to keep running back and forth from the store.
Replacing the Aluminum Window
Before starting any home improvement project, you have to do some homework about it. The best way is to go to your local stores, and ask for suggestions on what kind of window types would be best for this job. This idea will also help you understand what kind of energy saving windows you might want.
Materials Needed
  • Tape measure
  • Sealant
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Hammer
Step 1
measuring tape, Work Tool
First of all, you will need to get the measurements of the old windows. Instead of doing guesswork, this is the best way to get the correct size from your local home improvement store. Buy the replacement window according to your custom requirements.
Step 2
Hammer with wooden handle
You need to remove the old window off the wall and look for how it was installed in the first place. Take a look at what tools might be used to perform the task. Sometimes, the windows have been bolted with screws in the studs that needs to be cut.
Step 3
Man installing insulation
To start the repair, try to (carefully) pull the old window off the wall. If you find any debris like nails and/or bits of paint, take the reciprocating saw to clean the area properly.
Step 4
Power Reciprocating Saw
To finish installing the window, keep the new window inside the opening of the wall. It needs to be secured in with the studs. Now, according to the size of the new window, it will need approximately 2-3 screws to secure each side.
Step 5
Applying Weather Seal Caulk
The insulation and the drywall needs to get placed around all the sides of the window. Apply a thin layer of sealant from inside and outside, around all the edges of the window. This will aid in stopping any kind of leaks all year round.
Tips to Follow
  • During winters, clean the new window(s) before the temperatures get low. This will help in minimizing your electricity bill and usage.
  • If you want to apply fresh paint over the frames, then clean any residue of the sealant.
  • When you're outside the house and working on the insulation and drywall, make sure the ladder that you've stepped on is on firm soil or steady surface.
  • Always wear gloves and eye glasses while working as it is a necessary safety precaution.
These instructions are for a single aluminum window. Be careful while using the reciprocating saw to remove the debris, as it may fly everywhere. Wear some eye protection glasses so that you don't get any dirt/dust in the eyes.