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Alternative Basement Ceiling Ideas

Alternative Basement Ceiling Ideas
Transform your basement into an attractive place by making use of the creative basement ceiling ideas suggested below.
DecorDezine Staff
Gone are the days when homeowners only concentrated on decorating the living room and the bedroom of their house. Today, each and every part of the house is paid attention to, while undertaking interior d├ęcor, right from the kitchen to store room or the basement. Speaking of basements, a few years back, their only use was to store some things that were not meant for day-to-day use. However, this concept is fast changing now. Today, homeowners are utilizing the vast space in the basement, for entertainment purposes, for recreation and to pursue some of their hobbies. As they will be spending so much time in the basement, it's but obvious that they would want to beautify it, as much as any other space in the house. And the first step in decorating the basement is covering the wires, ducts, joists, etc. that hang from the ceiling. Suggested below are some ideas, which will help you accomplish the same.

Interesting Basement Ceiling Ideas

Colorful Paint Designs
One of the simplest and cheapest alternative basement ceiling ideas is to paint it in some good colors. Whether it is pipelines or floor joists, give an interesting color to any of such exposed things on the ceiling and try to hide them as much as possible with the paint. When it comes to camouflaging the background, dark colors, such as black and brown are ideal. So, you can consider using them to paint the ceiling. However, be careful that you do not overuse them, as they can make the basement even darker than it already is. Balance dark colors with light colors, come up with some innovative paint color combinations and designs and then start with the project to paint your ceiling.

Fabric Ceiling
Although, this exactly is not a permanent solution, yet, it can work for those, who want to create a dramatic effect through their ceiling. So, get hold of some strong, colorful fabric and staple it to the ceiling with a "staple gun". That's it! You can do it yourself, within minutes and change the entire look of the basement. One great thing about this ceiling is that you can change the fabric every few months to give a new look to your basement!

Drop Ceiling
If you search carefully, you will find a wide variety of drop ceiling tiles, in some of the most amazing patterns. Using these tiles you can create a drop ceiling for your basement, just below the main structural ceiling, which will help you cover all the pipes, joists, beams, etc. If you want to keep things simple, there are standard drop tiles available too which come sans any design and are in basic colors like white, gray and light brown. So, you can opt for these for a simple looking basement ceiling. The best part about having a drop ceiling is that since metal grids are used to fix the tiles, they can be removed easily, if some electrical or plumbing work has to be done!

Coffered Ceiling
If you want your basement ceiling to have an Elizabethan look, then coffered ceilings are what you should go in for. Coffered ceilings add depth, elegance and class to the ceiling. Hang a chandelier in the middle of the coffered ceiling for an added effect. As coffered ceilings can be very expensive and you need a contractor to build them for you, go in for such a type of ceiling only if you are planning to use your basement for entertainment or other recreational purposes.

Drywall Tray Ceiling
Another option is to build it in the shape of a tray i.e. the edges of the ceiling slightly lower than the middle. Tray ceilings work especially well when the pipes and other clutter on the ceiling is restricted to the edges. For creating such a ceiling, you can make use of a drywall, with which it will be easier for you to connect the lower as well as the higher ceiling.

Laminated Ceiling
These days, you will find pre-finished laminate planks, which come in some interesting designs. All you have to do is to get laminated planks of your choice, cut them to fit your basement space and then install them in the ceiling. This can be done by homeowners themselves or they may hire a professional to do the job for them.

With these ideas, I am sure you won't have a problem coming up with an innovative way to decorate and beautify the one in your house. So, what are you waiting for? Get going on this project and make your basement as appealing as you can!
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