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Advantages of Fitted Bedroom Furniture That are Worth Knowing

Advantages of Fitted Bedroom Furniture
Why is everyone advocating fitted bedroom furniture when its freestanding counterpart seems to be doing its job equally well? Let's find out.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
The Bespoke Advantage
The biggest advantage of bespoke or fitted furniture is that it can be made to fit anywhere, in any space, in any shape―circular, angular, or simply straight.
You think it's easier to buy that bed you saw online, or that wardrobe that just looks darling with its rich wooden finish. But do you know how much more you can achieve with fitted furniture? It is a boon for those who are bound by space, for those who like to add a personal touch to their room design, and for those who need as much storage as they can get. These are but a few benefits of fitted bedroom furniture. DecorDezine illustrates how choosing it over freestanding furniture can make your life simpler and your house more beautiful.

Note: While there is a lot more than just beds and wardrobes to furniture (fitted or freestanding), these are the most important elements of a bedroom, and have hence, been showcased as the champions of this article.
Space Galore!
With Freestanding Wardrobes ...
Freestanding wardrobes create awkward dust corners
Freestanding wardrobes come in standard heights
As you can see, freestanding wardrobes allow the creation of a lot of dust corners and spots for spiders and other bugs to have their private little parties. Also, they come in a standard height of 7' (some are available with attached lofts), which means even if you have tall ceilings, these wardrobes do nothing to showcase their height. Instead, they look like odd little chests of drawers in that space.
But with Fitted Wardrobes
Fitted wardrobes are great for tall ceilings
Lo and behold! Fitted wardrobes make the most of tall ceilings, which means you can have a huge loft that hides all those ugly suitcases and the mess you normally have on display, and shows off a very neat and prim you! And guess what? They can even adapt to sloping ceilings!
Material Galore!
With Freestanding Wardrobes ...
Freestanding wardrobes use mediocre quality material
Boring! Buy a wardrobe for its price, and be assured that it looks as boring as this one does. And guess what? Most of them out there look like this. Plus, the material used to make them is not of top-quality, usually MDF (medium-density fiberboard). This can get damaged easily, and cannot be repaired easily.
But with Fitted Wardrobes
Fitted wardrobes can use high quality material
The deal with fitted furniture is that you can use any (suitable) type of material to make it. So, though marble will be way too heavy for a wardrobe door, you get the drift, right? Use mirror, use wood, use glass, use stainless steel inlays, use whatever you think will establish your sense of style. Just ensure that your designer tells you how to maintain it too. Also, with fitted furniture, you can use high-quality hardware (from wood to hinges, nails, and locks), and supervise the workmanship for a solid final product.
Storage Galore!
With Freestanding Wardrobes ...
Freestanding wardrobes have limited internal storage
What do you do with a freestanding wardrobe? Just dump more and more clothes, and the space for even that is not enough. So, you bring in chests of drawers, hooks placed randomly, and other things into your bedroom to make room for all your things.
But with Fitted Wardrobes
Fitted wardrobes allow for customization
Talk about customization! A drawer and shelf for everything with everything in its place. So, you want to collect your bullets, make a drawer for it. Want to hide your vintage liquor? Make another locker within your cupboard. Can't reach the back of your wardrobe? Make a sliding shelf that only you know about, and hide all your things worth hiding there. Loving it, aren't you?
With Freestanding Beds ...
Freestanding beds rarely allow for storage
That's right! I do believe in monsters under the bed, and hence, am the biggest advocate of fitted furniture!
But With Fitted Beds
Fitted beds offer storage
So, not only do you eliminate the possibility of a monster hiding under your bed, you get to keep stuff under the bed too. And seriously, you can keep/hide just about anything in there, even the entrance to your haven where you hatch plans for world domination.
Style Galore!
With Freestanding Furniture ...
Freestanding bedroom furniture
Freestanding bedroom furniture
Freestanding bedroom furniture
What can we say that you don't get? Freestanding furniture is mass-produced, so if all of you are IKEA aficionados, you're likely to land up with the same furniture in you rooms. There's no personal touch, there's nothing special about the way your room looks.
But With Fitted Furniture
Fitted bedroom furniture
Nothing makes more of a style statement than implementing a design that resonates with your personality and taste in your own room. And freestanding furniture rarely offers you that chance. With fitted, you can really knock yourself out to personalize your bedroom.
A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place!
With Freestanding Furniture ...
Freestanding bedroom furniture is often placed messily
Freestanding furniture is often a random amalgamation of furniture picked up from here, there, and everywhere, placed wherever you find the space for it, thus, looking like this!
But With Fitted Furniture
Fitted bedroom furniture allows optimal use of space
Fitted furniture can not only be customized to the height of a room, but also be made according to the shape of the room. A sloping ceiling, an awkward bay, all of it can be taken care of just by opting for fitted over freestanding furniture.
You don't have to buy a four-door wardrobe if you need just a three-door
unit. You don't have to keep a random table for a study because the standard sizes don't fit in that corner. You don't have to compromise. Also, because all the furniture is fixed, it allows for more space and movement in the room.
Is there anything more you could want from a space than you're not getting with fitted furniture? No? I rest my case.