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The Advantages of Double Glazed Windows You Probably Didn't Know

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows
Are you looking for the right type of windows for your newly built house? How about trying double glazed windows? Read on to know the advantages of double glazed windows.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019
Choosing right type of windows can be a challenging task because of the huge variety of windows available these days. Apart from that you may find it difficult to choose the most suitable as well as stylish window for your house. If you fail to select the proper one, you might end up investing a huge amount of money getting nothing.
Double glazed windows are very beneficial and popular nowadays. These windows have two glass panels in the same frame that are separated with a small space. This space is filled with air or any non-toxic gas like argon. The ideal distance between the two glasses should be approximately 20 millimeters for better functioning.
These glass window panes are also called insulated glazing or double glazing window panes. Take a look at the benefits of these windows discussed further:
Better Insulation
Window profile
First and the foremost advantage of double glazed windows is insulation. These double glazed panes provide you with maximum heat retention and hardly any air leakage. In a cool climate, these windows allow lesser heat to go out and maintain warmth inside.
On the other hand, in hot weather, they retain less heat and keep the house cooler offering a bright and refreshing daylight to the house. This reduces your energy bills to a great extent. Because of limitation in heat transfer through the glas
Safe and Secure
As compared to single pane windows, double glazed window panes offer security. A thief or burglar can break the single window pane very easily and enter your house, whereas it becomes difficult for him to break in through the double glazed window panes of your house.
It is not possible to break and split the double glazed window, which demotivates the thief and he changes his mind about entering into your house. They are also very easy to open and close; no cranking or lifting has to be done, just slide.
Environmentally Friendly
As it has the capacity to reduce carbon dioxide emission, it is beneficial to the environment. Mostly, heating appliances in the house work more and contribute to carbon dioxide emission. However, double glazed windows do not allow these appliances to work extra, which ultimately reduces carbon dioxide emission.
Reduced Condensation
Condensation on window glass
In cold weather, condensation takes place, i.e., moisture sets on warm surfaces forming water droplets. These droplets freeze with the fall in temperature and turn into frost, blocking outer view and obstructing natural light into the house.
The house looks gloomy and dark. The glasses turn cold and cool the room. This coldness increases your heating costs as you make use of heating devices. Double glazed windows have 'low emittance coatings', which reduce condensation and keep the room warm.
Noise Reduction
The insulating quality of these windows will keep noise away from your home as compared to the traditional single window panes. This is highly beneficial if your house faces an area with heavy traffic or a school in the neighborhood.
Easy to Clean
Woman cleaning window
Cleaning double pane windows is not as difficult as you think. Once you have the required stuff, you can do it yourself very easily.
There are window cleaning solutions available in the market or you can even use vinegar, lemon juice or rubbing alcohol to remove tough stains from the windows and give it a shiny look.
More Resale Value
Since you are taking great efforts for the safety and security of your house, it surely increases the resale value of your house. You have invested an extra amount to make it safe, which will be an additional feature for the buyer to consider. When you will be benefited extra at the time of resale, you will feel that it was worth investing in these windows.
Style and Design
Window frame
A good thing about these windows is that they are available in plenty of designs that can match the style of your home. There is no need to make adjustments with the designs since you are selecting double glazed windows.
There are three main types of frames like aluminum, PVCu (polyvinyl chloride unplasticized) and wood and each of them have their unique features. Aluminum frames are the toughest, wooden ones are the most attractive frames, whereas PVCu frames contribute in conserving energy.
Hopefully, the benefits mentioned earlier create an impact on you and influence you to think about choosing double glazed windows against single window panes. Since you have an idea about the frames and the insulating material used in these windows, be confident in your choice of windows so the dealer won't fool you.