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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Disc Faucets

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Disc Faucets
The irksome rubber washer is fast becoming obsolete. Apart from being extremely tough, faucets with ceramic discs are able to handle extreme heat and cold, and tend to last for several years without any need for repair or replacement.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Quick Start
Faucets with ceramic disc valves are easily identifiable by their single lever over a wide cylindrical body, and these can be operated with a mere ¼th turn of the lever!
Faucets with ceramic discs are increasingly replacing rubber washers, which tend to harden and wear out over time. These new faucets feature two slotted discs that are placed on top of each other and beneath the water supply pipe. The bottom disc remains fixed while the other one rotates over it to control the flow of water. When the slots of the disc are aligned, water flows through the faucet, but the moment the slots are blocked or blanked, the water stops immediately. This DecorDezine guide discusses the pros and cons of ceramic disc faucets in further detail.
✦ Ceramic discs are extremely hard and do not undergo the usual wear and tear experienced by conventional rubber faucet washers. Being an extremely strong material, ceramic is able to resists cracks and withstand extreme temperatures. These discs prevent the metal in the valve from eroding.
✦ Unlike traditional faucets that require at least two whole turns of the faucet handle, ceramic discs function with low friction and require a mere quarter of a turn to get the water running. Therefore, the faucet seat does not need the washer to be screwed into it with every turn of the handle.
✦ The rapid on and off feature offered by ceramic discs allows individuals with restricted grips to use the faucet handle with ease. The handles of these faucets do not get jammed and need not be closed tightly to prevent leakage. Simply, turning the handle with the wrist, a finger, or the back of the hand is sufficient to start the faucet completely.
✦ Many ceramic disc faucets are also equipped with temperature-adjustable cartridges that help set the temperature of water. This feature ensures that the user is protected from scalding or extremely chilly water.
✦ Additionally, the flow of water can also be regulated in these faucets through flow-adjustable cartridges. This feature is useful for reducing wastage of water.
✦ Using basic knowledge about plumbing, these discs and cartridge can be dismantled from the main faucet, cleaned, and reassembled at home whenever necessary.
✦ Since the water flows between the two ceramic discs, the discs tend to erode over time. Nonetheless, these discs usually require replacement after several years of unhindered use.
✦ Hard water can adversely affect these faucet discs and reduce their durability. Therefore, in order to maximize their performance and increase the life of the discs, it is recommended that an in-line filter be fitted in the faucet. Such a filter will minimize the damage caused to the discs by foreign particles and abrasive mineral salts.
✦ The low friction and turn feature of such faucets can take some getting used to. Those unfamiliar with this mechanism may turn the faucet handle with more force, which can damage or break the ceramic discs in the cartridge.
✦ Secondly, using the faucet with the same vigor as traditional faucets may cause the water to gush out with full pressure and spill all over the user.
✦ In case the discs erode, break or get damaged, the entire faucet cartridge will need to be replaced because the discs are rarely sold individually. Fortunately, these cartridges are manufactured with standard size specifications, thereby making it easier to find replacements.
✦ Another downside of using ceramic disc faucets is that these discs and the entire faucet cartridge is comparatively much more expensive than conventional faucets with rubber washers. However, since these discs do not get damaged all that often, the overall replacement expenditure is negligible in the long run.
Therefore, after weighing the pros and cons of using faucets with ceramic discs, it seems that buying such a faucet would prove more economical in the long run.
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