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Accordion Closet Doors

Accordion Closet Doors

One of the best things that you can install in your closet is accordion closet doors. This type of closet doors can help you in organizing your closet.
Rimlee Bhuyan
One of the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom besides the bed is the closet or wardrobe. You just cannot do without a good closet as it is essential for storing all your clothes and linens. Whether you have a built-in-closet or a standalone closet, you will need a closet that is constructed in such a way that you can organize all your clothing in a neat way. When you live in a small apartment, it makes sense to install an accordion style closet door. Accordion closet doors get their name from the accordion, which is a musical instrument that consists of panels that can fold against each other. This type of closet doors are also made up of flat panels that folds against each other giving you a better view of the contents of the closet. These closet doors can enhance your living space and make your closet more spacious.

Accordion Closet Doors for Space Saving

The design and style of closet doors is the last thing that you might think of while selecting a closet. But the fact is that the right choice of closet doors can not only save you space but can also make your bedroom look more inviting. If you live in an old apartment that has a built-in-wardrobe with traditional swinging style doors, then one problem that you might encounter is that the door does not open fully if there is not a lot of space in front of the closet. This makes it very difficult to reach the closet for removing any piece of clothing or even organizing the closet. The space above and below the closet is also wasted in such a scenario. An accordion closet door is useful for such closets. Accordion doors are similar to bifold closet doors and comes with hinged panels that are installed on the frame of the door. These panels fold back in sections and you just need to apply a slight pressure to open or close them. Installing these kinds of doors in your closet instead of the swinging style doors will make your closet easy to organize and the room will look more spacious.

Accordion Closet Door Styles

Accordion style closet doors are available in a wide variety of materials and colors to suit the decor of your room and match the closet material. For wooden closets, it is best to install accordion closet doors that are made of hardwood panels. This type of doors are very much popular in country style or cottage style houses. If you want a more contemporary look in your bedroom, then you can choose vinyl accordion doors. They come in a variety of finishes to enhance the look of your closet. For a more decorative look you have the choice of installing a mural on the door. Installing an accordion closet door is not too hard and if you are handy around the house you can do it yourself too. Most manufacturers supply you with an installation kit that you can use for installing the door. The best thing about these closet doors is that you can get them in any dimensions you want to fit the size of your closet.

If you have a large wardrobe with sliding closet doors, then one problem that you must have encountered is that when you slide the closet door, one side of the closet is hidden from view. This is specially annoying when you want to clean out the closet or want to view all the items in your closet. One of the benefits of installing an accordion door in the closet is that it allows you easy access to your clothes in the closet. This saves you time when you are trying to find a particular item of clothing.

Accordion style closet doors are one of the best closet door ideas and is great for both large as well as small closets. By installing accordion style doors in your closet, you can save on space without compromising on aesthetics.