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7 Reasons Why You Should Install a Custom-Built Pool

Mia Morales Nov 5, 2019
How refreshing would it be to have a pool of your very own that you can use whenever you like, with no crowds, no fuss, and no cost to use? Or how about a hot tub for those cold, winter nights? Here are seven reasons why you should consider installing a custom-build pool in your backyard.

24/7 Access

Although swimming in the middle of winter may not be to your taste, when you have your own pool, you can swim any time you like. Fancy a dip at 3 a.m.? Just don’t wake everyone up. Do you like to do laps in February? Make sure you have a warm towel ready and go for it. You can enjoy no restrictions and plenty of unlimited swim time.

Travel Light

No more busy mornings getting everybody packed up and ready to head off to the local pool; after all, who really wants to pack the car up with towels, shades, and kids, drive around trying to find a parking space? You can be in your pool five minutes after deciding it’s too hot out there.

Free to Use

When you have kids in the family, the cost of a trip to the local swimming facilities can swiftly add up. Especially when you factor in admission fees, refreshments, and when you multiply that across the summer break. While installing your own pool will have an initial cost, it’ll more than pay for itself within a couple of years.

Increases Property Value

Should you decide to sell your home in a few years from now, being able to claim that your property has a pool is a significant asset and makes your property desirable.
It also can make your backyard much more aesthetically attractive, especially if you opt to include some landscaping design at the same time as you have your pool installed.

Keep Fit

There’s no better exercise than swimming for increasing your heart rate without putting pressure on joints and bones. Just 30 minutes of swimming can burn 200 calories and it helps to tone your muscles at the same time. Swimming is also an excellent activity for mental health, and many recommend it as a way to relax.

Entertain Friends and Family

Who doesn’t love a pool party? Not only is it a free venue at which to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions but you’ll also be the hot favorite on Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends.
There are some brilliant outdoor kitchen styles you can include in addition to your custom pools Montgomery style for the ultimate in outdoor entertaining.

Save on Vacations

While a vacation is nice to look forward to, it’s a lot of money. A pool is a greater outlay initially, but it will provide, not just weeks, but years of wear-out-the-kids activities, lazy days sunbathing, and muscle-relaxing bathing every year. You’ll have many opportunities to bond as a family, and what a great way to make plenty of memories together.