3 must-haves for a guest bedroom

11 Must-haves for a Comfortable and Convenient Guest Room

Oh, what a delight it is for a house to have an exclusive room for some cherished guests! As a host, it would be natural to equip this special space with the best of amenities to ensure that the invitees feel welcomed with open arms. This Buzzle article tells you about the 11 must-haves for a comfortable and convenient guest room so that you don't keep any room for complaints.
Always Remember
When it comes to including elements to make the guest room a relaxing retreat, pay attention to the minor details. Other than the basic requirements―bed, bedding, water jar, full-sized mirror―there are many things that contribute in transforming a plain room for visitors, to an epicurean guest room.
If you have traveled to distant lands and have lived at a friend's or relative's many times, you would know the difference between being welcomed, and being earnestly welcomed. Don't we love when our hosts take that extra-special effort, just to make us feel wanted? From our favorite-colored bedding to our favorite eatables, it is not the only the basic things that count, but also the small thoughtful ones, when it comes to making a stay, a memorable one.

There is nothing worse than being remembered as bad hosts. It's okay to give your guests more than they expect, but to let down their expectations is an absolute sin. You see, when people live with you, they judge you based on everything―be it the way you've kept your house, to the food you've served them, to the room you've prepared for them. The first look is enough to turn them off, and then you're remembered as 'that' host who wasn't able to treat their guests well―yes, you are always remembered that way! If you don't wish to be 'that' host, listed below are the 11 guest room essentials that will make a positive difference when it comes to taking care of each and every need of the guests.

The Essential Things You Must Have in a Comfy Guest Room

Guest room with natural light and ventilation
1. Natural Sunlight and Ventilation

Most of us tend to ignore this point, but a room that is well-lit, and has a good supply of natural sunlight would give a more positive and acceptable vibe to the guests, comparatively. For a room to have good light and ventilation, it needs to have nice big windows. These not only enhance the aesthetics of the room, but also give it a refreshing feel.
Fresh purple flowers in a guest room
2. Fresh Flowers and Plants

There is nothing more inviting than a room that has freshly-cut flowers and some soothing greenery, as if they are especially placed for welcoming the guests. These show that as a host, you've taken that special effort to decorate the room with love. The fresh scent of these nature's gifts add the much-coveted delight that one should feel while in a home away from home.
Clean and comfortable bed and bedding
3. Clean and Comfy Bedding

Every guest room has a bed, but the real value of a bed is when it's furnished with the finest bedding. How many times has it happened to you that even though you're tired, you couldn't sleep because the pillows were too flat, or the sheets were smelly and unclean? A good mattress, sheets, blankets, and lots of pillows are a must for a guest room!
Clean and fresh towels and toiletry for guests
4. Fresh Toiletry

Again, many of us don't pay attention to this aspect, because we assume that the guests will get their own set of toiletry―soap, toothpaste, face wash, essential oils, towels, bathrobes! Imagine the happiness on their face when they open their bathroom door and see these exclusive items in store for their use―pampering in its true sense!
Storage space for guests
5. Storage Space

The worst thing that can ever happen to any guest―to have to take their clothes out of the suitcase every day! Keep an exclusive closet for them with hangers and empty drawers so that they can arrange their items, and don't have to go through the need to open their compact travel bag all the time. If that isn't possible, invest in a luggage rack so that it becomes easy for them to unpack and look for their stuff.
Bedside table with lamp and flower vase
6. Bedside Table

While, for many of us, it comes as an obvious item, don't even ask how many guest rooms are deprived of it! A bedside table, especially with drawers, comes in handy for guests. Apart from the purpose of accommodating the night lamp and water glass, your guests can place their cell phone, glasses, books, medicines, organizer, and other essential items in this much-useful piece of furniture.
Guest room with private television
7. A Personal Television

This would definitely be the cherry on the cake if you can provide an exclusive television set for their choice of entertainment. Most of us have our own preferences. While some follow the sitcoms, other prefer watching sports. The worst part about visiting someone is to miss out on all this entertainment. So, an exclusive television would definitely be a double thumbs up!
Guest room with a stack of magazines
8. Some Reading Material

It is always thoughtful to stack some good books, magazines, and similar material so that the guests don't feel bored in the room. Since you'll be inviting them to your place, you're likely to know their likes and dislikes. Be it books, DVDs, games, or magazines, make sure you have them ready when your guests arrive.
Guest room with a comfortable yellow sofa chair
9. A Cozy Comfy Sofa

A bed is not the ideal place to 'sit back and relax', and hence, you need a cozy, comfy armchair or sofa in the room to sit and enjoy a good book, or perhaps solve a puzzle. Don't keep the flat, old, and almost broken sofa for temporary use. Make sure it is clean, non-smelly, and absolutely comfortable. We truly think it symbolizes relaxation!
Guest room with tray containing fruits and water
10. The Pampering Tray

The pampering tray isn't a specific brand you'll find in the market. It is a special tray that consists of small little thoughtful goodies and treats. This should be kept in the guest room when the guests arrive. You can place some fresh fruits to chocolates to candies, on them. This tray has many purposes, it can be filled as required with these treats, or your guests can use it for storing their personal items.
Guest room with accessible electrical sockets
11. Accessible Sockets

Last but not the least, is this much-needed, much-wanted, much-utilized feature―electrical sockets! A complementing item with this would be a universal charger, through which your guests can charge their cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other 'chargeable items'. Make sure the sockets are easily reachable and safe to use.
Our list can go on and on, but with the aforementioned items, you are sure to become a wonderful host! Trust us, if you can make your guests fall in love with the looks of the room when they enter it, they will appreciate every bit of what you've done for them. So, gather these essentials to make your house a desired place for guests to stay.