Mix and match bedroom furnishing

Ideas to Mix and Match Bedroom Furnishing

We have grown accustomed to matching pieces of furniture all through the house, to attain a uniform look. However, a colorful bedroom is not all that bad an option. Find the look you want for your bedroom through the ideas mentioned in this Buzzle article.
Take your cue
To make the room's different patterns work together, mix a light-colored background with a dark one and use different-sized patterns.
When working or revamping on the home front, it makes sense to play around with the interiors to achieve a whole new look. Your bedroom can sure do with an occasional tweak here and there. When it comes to interior designing, you need not have to shell out huge amounts to redo the entire furnishing. On the contrary, you just need to pick out what you already have and bring about the desired changes. So to say, changing the look of the bedroom interiors need not be a pain, but can be considered as a fun activity instead.

All you need is a little bit of creativity when it comes to redoing or planning your bedroom furniture. The rule is to keep it vibrant rather than plain-Jane. How do you achieve this? Precisely by mixing colors, and by pairing pieces of furniture that compliment each other rather than opting for a uniform color. To say the least, you could start with a rule of three―opting for three colors―instead of the regular two-toned bedroom. As a rule, create layers that subtly blend with one another to create a beautiful whole. You are free to play with color, add a punch with accents, layer with color, texture, and an array of styles. You could alternatively blend two styles to achieve a complete mix and match décor in your bedroom.

21 Ideas to Mix and Match Your Bedroom Interiors

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Aquamarine with Brown Bedroom
Get ready to drown in crystal clear waters with turquoise furnishing contrasted with brown flooring.
Beige with Brown Bedroom
Use colored throws or curtains in an earthy room for that bit of drama.
Black with Brown Bedroom
Let light meet darkness with black lampshades, brown furnishing in a white room.
Blue with Brown Bedroom
Let the opposite forces work to create harmony by pairing blue curtains with beige and brown interior.
Blue with Cocoa Bedroom
The sea and the sand come a-calling with blue curtains in a beige, brown room.
Blue with Red Bedroom
Go bold and beautiful by pairing red and blue together with pale pinks, and browns.
Brown with Pink Bedroom
Think of chocolate-dipped strawberry, and create it with dark browns teamed with pink.
Coffee with Beige Bedroom
Make a loud statement with a patterned piece of furniture teamed with modest earthy tones.
Green and Ochre Bedroom
Let the colors of early blossoming spring inspire you with their shades of greens, yellows, and pale pinks.
Green and Orange Bedroom
Too bright to be true, but it's a world within a world for a kid, with vibrant greens and oranges.
Green with Pink Bedroom
So child-like and innocent with pastel greens and pinks in a cozy little room.
Gray with Brown Bedroom
Reminiscence of a rainy day with a little gray, puddles of brown, and fluffs of white.
Maroon with brown Bedroom
Creating the layered effect with darker reds, browns, and beige.
Ochre with Purple Bedroom
Curtains of gold in a room furnished with purple is bound to give you a royal-looking bedroom.
Blue with Brown Bedroom
Textured wood in a plain, yet bold room sets the mood.
Pink with Brown Bedroom
Mix elements like fire―red―and earth―brown―to create a balanced effect.
Red with Black Bedroom
Up the glamor quotient in a black and beige room with red accents.
Red with Brown Bedroom
Warm and earthy is the norm in a red and brown room.
Red with Coffee Bedroom
Add a punch with a red accent in a coffee and gray room.
Coffee and Beige Bedroom
Contrast dark furnishings with a room that is basically light.
Turquoise with Coffee Bedroom
Accents are always welcome with a turquoise-colored chair in a coffee-brown room.

Contrasts is the Way

Creating stark contrasts is a safe option when you want a bohemian look in your bedroom. You can either choose to go neutral with colors from the same family or make a bold statement with colors that stand out for themselves. Placing plain white ceramics and rugs in a room done up with dark furniture is sure to have a larger impact in a bedroom than an old-fashioned room. However, remember to keep the same color theme running around the room to avoid making it looking like a scene out of a flea-market.

Layer with Color

Vibrancy is the key guide to mix and match your room. Use furniture of different shades to create layers in your bedroom. By all means, avoid anything that inclines towards the monochromatic. Create a flowing variety by blending in whites, oranges, light browns, and beige to get a layered effect in your room. The rule of thumb is to be creative with the use of colors, and mix styles that you haven't seen mixed before.

Think Patterned

Work around a pattern to get the desired pattern in your bedroom. It is completely fine to use prints and patterned furnishing with plain furniture to get the desired effect. You could use a single piece of printed furniture or fabric to highlight your room, or combine two different prints and patterns to attain a unique room that reflects your taste. Ensure you place the different pieces of furniture together by repeating a single design element or color scheme throughout the room.

Eclectic Style

Don't fret if you don't know what style suits you best, simply go the eclectic way, and pick what you like the best. Incorporate the old with the new to get a style that is definitely mixed and matched to perfection. As a rule, hunt for things that would look good together, this will ensure you get a room that is 100% unique as you. You can place lampshades in bold colors to break the somber mood of a monochromatic room, or choose a subtle lampshade in a highly contrasting room.


For a different look, you can try painting your ceiling in a bold color while subduing the rest of the room. Then again, you can use matching furniture to highlight that particular color. Remember to team it with lighter shades nevertheless, to achieve a balance.

There is absolutely no rule stating that you cannot use different shades of wood in any given room. Pairing darker woods with comparatively lighter woods will ensure you strike the right note while doing up your bedroom.